LinkedIn is the quintessential and professional social network on a global scale. So, advertising on LinkedIn can be highly effective for reaching a professional target audience or acquiring B2B campaigns in your niche. At Quopy we help you elevate your B2C & B2B marketing returns with LinkedIn advertising.

The LinkedIn Advantage

Some quick numbers and facts…

  • LinkedIn is the largest business-oriented networking website
  • 900 million users were reached by LinkedIn Ads (Kepios)
  • Connect with Key People: granular targeting, reach decision-makers – four out of five people on LinkedIn drive business decisions
  • 60 million companies on LinkedIn
  • Build brand awareness, generate leads, push conversions, and engage with customers and peers.

Why Advertise On LinkedIn

Lead Generation:

As for lead generation, LinkedIn outperforms the three biggest social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. According to a study by Hubspot, LinkedIn is the best social media platform for lead generation, being 227% more effective than Facebook and Twitter.

10 Benefits of LinkedIn Ads

1. Great Reach
LinkedIn ads have the potential of reaching your target audiences of professionals, entrepreneurs, and industry experts on a global scale. Granular targeting.

2. Targeting with demographics
Once you know your potential audience persona, you can place targeted ads for specific audiences by filtering the pool by demographics- by age, education, industry, professional interests, and more.

3. Customizable budget
Among LinkedIn ads benefits, the main one is the freedom to change the ad budget depending on the campaign’s performance.

4. Promote Your Products & Services
LinkedIn helps you promote your products and services to a specific target market to serve defined business goals. B2B & B2C.

5. Connect with your target audience directly
LinkedIn allows you to send customized content directly to significant target members. LinkedIn advertising benefits include improving interaction, engagement, and conversion.

6. Account-based marketing campaigns
Once the target audience is defined, your sales team can add a massive list of target accounts, and LinkedIn will identify members who match the accounts uploaded.

7. LinkedIn Ads Options
LinkedIn allows you to create various ads such as Sponsored content (photos or videos), In-Mail, text ads, carousel ads, dynamic ads, etc.

8. Website Integration
You can easily integrate LinkedIn with your website or blogs and generate content on various social network sites.

9. Boosts Conversion Rates
You can boost the conversion rates of your sales campaign as the ads are placed before influencers and decision-makers in the industry.

10. LinkedIn Analytics
LinkedIn Analytics helps you improve the performance of your campaigns by focusing on enhancing interaction and conversion.

Linkedin ads setup

To Wrap Up…

By using Linkedin’s powerful marketing tool, you can build valuable leads, share content with your potential target market, gain immense online recognition, follow trends, and more. With LinkedIn ads, you can project your brand’s voice to an influential audience that makes decisions.

Want to give it a try?

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