Learn how automated personalised videos (APV) can improve your business, and why it’s a marketing trend you should adopt ASAP.

A bit of intro…

Human interaction is something that people crave the most in these turbulent times. So it makes sense that marketing strategies that focus on providing that human touch are what work the most and gives the best results.

Video marketing is one such strategy that has especially risen in popularity these days. Personalised videos take video marketing one step further, making your customers feel valued on an individual and deeply personal level.

Personalised videos are changing the way that brands connect to their customers.

So, What’s A Personalised Video?

It’s a video that has been made to feel like it’s tailored for each individual viewer, by using data you have collected on the individual. Different data points, such as names, industries, activities, results, interactions, etc., are included to provide an intensely personal experience.

Welcome To Quopy - Personalized Video

Chickpea: Our Technology Provider

An award-winning technology software that integrates your CRM and the different data points with automated personalised videos.

Benefits Of Personalised Videos

  • Can be used in every part of your sales funnel
  • Useful for different Channels: Email, SMS, Social Media, etc.
  • Makes your message stand out
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Boosts conversion rates
  • Higher click-through rates & engagement
  • Improves lead nurturing
  • Improves customer loyalty
  • Improves brand image and trust
  • Ease of use due to automation and scalability

Reports show personalised CTAs perform up to 200% better than regular ones.

Why Does Your Brand Need APVs?

Why personalised videos do good basically boils down to some simple traits of human psychology. Everybody likes attention. Everybody wants to feel special. They want to be humanised. They want to be seen. They want to feel like more than just another name on your mailing list, they want to be seen.

Do You Think APVs Can Help Your Business Grow?

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